Verdis Red Cross

Today, Daniel Jackson, the President of Verdis, along with Hector Bowles, Vice President of Verdis and Chairperson of the Verdis Red Cross delivered humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This included toys, radios, and various electronics including a Smart TV, which were delivered to a kindergarten.

While delivering aid to the Ukrainian kindergarten, we had the opportunity to look at urgent needs including the condition of facilities such as toilets, water filtration and catering equipment as well as their air raid shelter which requires a lot of work to provide adequate air supply and structural renovation.

We are actively searching for volunteers and other individuals to assist our team in Ukraine as we continue to assist with the welfare of civilians and animals effected by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

We thank everyone who has assisted us on this aid trip and look forward to continued work with them in the future.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please click here.

To find information on how to donate so we can continue to provide aid to Ukraine, please click here.