Verdis Red Cross

Volunteer association facilities

17/07/2023 We have constantly been asked to create a stopover for volunteers coming into the country with little or no plan. On top of that, we will be creating a staging point for animals that will be exiting the country.With this in mind, we have a location, land, and buildings that need some work to […]

Red Cross delivers aid in Ukraine

Today, Daniel Jackson, the President of Verdis, along with Hector Bowles, Vice President of Verdis and Chairperson of the Verdis Red Cross delivered humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This included toys, radios, and various electronics including a Smart TV, which were delivered to a kindergarten. While delivering aid to the Ukrainian kindergarten, we had the opportunity […]

Radios donated to Verdis Red Cross as humanitarian aid to Ukraine

29/06/2023 Today we received a donation of 17 radios and 15 chargers from Catherine Penny on behalf of the United Kingdom’s Canterbury District Watch. These radios are part of the humanitarian aid that will be brought to Ukraine by the Verdis Red Cross on our volunteer support mission in the coming weeks. We express our […]

Creation of Verdis Red Cross

26/06/2023 Today signifies a momentous occasion as we proudly announce the introduction of the Verdis Red Cross, heralding a new era of compassion, resilience, and impactful action to address the urgent needs of communities worldwide. The Verdis Red Cross is fully committed to alleviating human suffering, championing inclusivity, and nurturing sustainable development. With a strong […]